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We are a 56 years old steel import-export indenting agent in India handling all types of steels. We are a 3rd Generation, steel sourcing Organization having good business relationship with all the steel mills in India and can help you in procuring quality steels at a very competitive price from these mills.



MAROO STEELS PVT LTD has been established in the year 1956 and its a 56 year old company. Initially, we started as a controlled stockist appointed by government of India. In 1977, we diversified into import indenting for all kinds of iron and steel products from European countries and Japan.

Vision and Mission


Our Vision is to identify the Client’s requirement and mobilize the best resources to provide a proactive solution.
With a view to enhance our capability and performance, we would endeavour to upgrade our potential, both in terms of network offices and strengthening of in-house competency.

Current Business


Currently all together we are doing about 12,500 metric tons per month business for exports from India. The major share of which goes for exports of coated steels products from India. In case of imports into India, the quantity is approximately 2,000 metric tons mostly for secondary steel products.



The valuable guidance of Mr. Sunil Maroo has helped our organization to evolve from being a start-up in history of Steel Markets to being one of the most successful organizations



We provide accurate information to our clients ensuring they procure ideal material suitable to their requirements. We advise our clients on the ideal range of products suiting their Steel as well as monetary requirements.



MAROO STEELS PVT LTD follows a ‘hire-as-you-go’ policy.